Bad Buchau (Druckversion)

Enjoy the unique landscape

Lake Federsee - a natural paradise for humans, animals and plants. The variety of plants and more than 260 different types of birds that can be discovered while walking, are possibly unique. Lake Federsee fen which developed in the time of the glaciers offers a rare combination of lake, reed woods, lush meadows, wet meadows rich in species and natural primeval moor forests. That is why Lake Federsee carries the rating "Europareservat" (European Reserve) and has been accepted by the European Union into their net of protective areas "Natura 2000".

Piers over and paths around the lake offer excellent possibilities to observe nature's beauty or just to enjoy the peace. Nature tours are offered by the NABU-Naturschutzzentrum (Nature Protection Centre) Lake Federsee.

Contact us: Tourist-Information Center Bad Buchau

Marktplatz 6
88422 Bad Buchau

Telefonnummer: 0049 7582 93360


Opening Hours

mo - fr 9 am - 5 pm
sa 10 am - 12:30 pm

mo - fr 9 am - 12:30 pm
           2 pm - 5 pm


NABU Nature Centre Federsee

Federseeweg 6
88422 Bad Buchau

Telefonnummer: 00497582 1566


Opening times

Tues-Fri 1pm – 5pm
Sat, Sun, Bank holidays 11am – 12pm,
1pm – 5pm

Thurs 1pm – 5pm

We are also available if you wish to phone or book a tour for a time outside of our official opening hours. Entry to the nature conservation centre is free!