Bad Buchau (Druckversion)

Moor & Thermal water (Adelindis Spa)

The even moor landscape around Bad Buchau contains turfs which belong to the classification of Peloids. Turfs have developed out of parts of plants for thousands of years. Among others it contains humic acids and sterolds as well as mineral salts. The beneficial effects of moor baths and moor treatments are not just because of these chemical ingredients, but this is especially due to their slow energy reduction and respectively energy absorption of their physical properties. Therefore turfs are suitable for bathing and as mudpacks especially when administering warmth (e.g. with athrosis) and as mudpack when alleviating warmth (e.g. with arthritis).

The thermal water is extracted from a depth of 795 m at a temperature of 47.5 °C. The hydrogen sulphide Spa contains less than 1 g soluble salts/kg. This is an important facility. Such spas have already been benefited from in Roman times at other places in Baden-Württembergs and used in baths against joint and spinal illnesses.

Opening hours of the Adelindis Spa

Monday to Saturday
9:00 to 22:00h

Holiday & Sunday
9:00 to 21:00h

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